Strength + Physique + Calisthenics

Limitless helps you develop coordination and control by incorporating calisthenics, as well as the strength and conditioning from lifting. In short, this program aims to make you a more well-rounded athlete.

  • Suitable for beginners to advanced.
  • 4 weight lifting days + 2 cardio days
  • Exercise database with videos for every exercise
  • Access programming to via the website and email
  • Private facebook group for feedback and help

$26.00 every 4 weeks

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Weekly programming, straight to your inbox

Limitless is an ongoing program that will help improve your strength, agility, coordination, stability, and mobility, as well as your cardiovascular capacity.

Weekly programming, straight to your inbox

Progress with our community

Programming is delivered to you weekly and you are given access to the Marisa Inda Limitless Facebook group to interact with other members.

Progress with our community

Exclusive discounts and offers

Members of Limitless will gain exclusive discounts and offers to my entire store. For nutritional guidence I highly recommend Renaissance Periodization – get 10% off of RP Nutrition Templates with Marisa10

Exclusive discounts and offers


Within a few minutes of signing up you’ll receive a welcome email with the current week’s programming, an invite to our private facebook group and access to my exercise database.

Limitless programming is billed every four weeks on a recurring basis until you cancel. You can manage your subscription from your account page. 

The value add of online programming is getting feedback on your lifts, having the ability to ask questions and get them answered quickly, as well as interacting with the Limitless community. Therefore, we highly suggest getting Facebook so you can upload your videos and learn from the group as a whole, it not only provides that extra push when watching others lift, but makes online programming more motivating and fun. If you choose not to join the FB group, you will still get your programming, but we will be unable to analyze your lifts or give you feedback.  

Once programming will be sent out every Saturday by 8 A.M PST, please be sure to add us to your email list so you avoid any issues with it going to Spam or the Social folders.

Programming will be sent out as mentioned above, if you didn’t get the email please check your spam or social folders. If you’re still having problems open up our web chat and send us a message.

Programming is always written as sets x reps and in the order the exercises should be completed.  If you need help understanding RPE or how to calculate your 1RM click here

Yes, this program will be more volume based and is a great time for cutting.

This program is for both men and women and you can do this regardless of your lifting experience-beginner through advanced.  The only prerequisite is you are familiar with basic lifting terminology and have some level of gym experience; online coaching is not suited for people that have no lifting experience.  

While this Program will get you stronger in all three lifts, it is not specific nor does it provide proper peaking protocol for a powerlifting meet.  If you are looking to compete, and are currently in the Limitless group, we suggest you let us know at least 12 weeks out so we can direct you to our 1-1 coaching program.

If you are in a home gym you will need a barbell, rack, flat bench, and bands if you do not have dumbbells or kettlebells. Beyond that there is always a workaround and alternative exercise should you not have a certain piece of equipment.  

You can change or cancel your subscription from your account page. If you have any questions please open up our chat support and we’ll get to you asap!